About Me

me Welcome to  Coconut Almond Recipes. My goal here is to share recipes made with my favorite ingredients especially Coconut ( flour, butter…) Almond (flour, butter…) and many other highly dense in nutrition amazing tasting ingredients that make amazing foods and treats. My name is Katy and I’m a mom to three beautiful kids and also a certified yoga instructor. My goal is to make the world healthier through delicious, gluten free baking and other easy healthy meals. Life is revolved around food and I believe it’s the heart of achieving health and happiness. 10 random things about me:

1. I’m 28 years old. (this seems to be a question I get a lot when people look at me and see I have three kids.)

2. I love to read everything about health and nutrition. My favorite topic right now is homesteading.

3. I use to think low-fat diets were good for people… you wont get any of that here

4. I’m left-handed

5. I’m half hispanic and speak no spanish. (I wish I did)

6 I love butter. (no justification here, ..wait but clarification, I love really butter where the cows are grass-fed.)

7. I prefer salty foods over sweets. 8. my dream is to own an organic fruit orchard here on the central coast.

9. I love baking…. (that’s a given)